BOYS: Get Ready for a Special Occasion – HowTo&Tips COMMENTA  

BOYS: Get Ready for a Special Occasion – HowTo&Tips COMMENTA  


-Gel 100% Aloe Vera: you can find it pretty much everywhere, it's not for a specific type of skin.

It's perfect during summer because it helps to reduce blemishes and protects your skin from sunburnts.
– Primer from Sedona Lace "Stick It To'em". Buy it here and save 10% using the coupon CUTIEPIEMARZIA:
Primers are good because they help the makeup to stay in place and don't melt.

In your case it can be helpful because if you wear some makeup on your eye (like concealer) you don't want to see those wrinkles that usually comes after a couple hours that you are wearing makeup! ☺
– Concealer: I stole my from my mum, it's just a regular concealer, you don't need to buy an expensive one.

Just go to a normal grocery store and get the one that matches your skin color!
– Pink Eyeliner from Diego Dalla Palma. This is totally an optional step buti f you would like to buy a pink eyeliner go to a beauty shop and say that it's a present, if you are too shy to ask for it 😉
– Lipbalm from The Naked Bee.

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