Canzoni per bambini gratis -
Canzoni per bambini gratis

Canzoni per bambini gratis

Le canzoni per i bambini sono suddivise in vari generi: canzoni in cui si parla di animali, di educazione, di folk, di cibo, ecc.

Le canzoni dedite agli animali sono:

Can You See the Connection? ― Lucas Miller

Don’t Squash That Bug! ― Lanny Sherwin

Five Little Bunnies ― Joanie Calem

Gina the Hyena ― Geof Johnson

Kitty Cow ― Rick Scott and Valley Hennel

Lucky Little Sparrow ― Marla Lewis

Monkey with a Coconut ― Geof Johnson

Over in the Meadow ― Daria

There Ain’t No Bugs On Me ― Madeline L Pots

Watch the Monkey That Moves

Le canzoni sul cibo e la nutrizione:

The Bento Song – Japanese Food Song ― The Magic Crayons

The Citrus Song ― The Battersby Duo

Crazy Over Vegetables ― Eric Herman

Five Fruits and Vegetables ― Geof Johnson

I Like Spaghetti ― Linda Severt

Just Down the Road ― Andrew Queen

Making Ravioli ― Anne-Louise Sterry

Pancakes ― Eric Herman

Pasta Jiggle ― BirdieThe Pasta Song ― Madeline L Pots

Put A Little Sunshine In Your Mouth ― James Coffey

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