> > Accident in the province of Oristano, car overturns after collision with another...

Accident in the province of Oristano, car overturns after colliding with another vehicle


The accident occurred along State Road 131 in the province of Oristano

Around 6am today, Sunday 19 May, a serious accident road accident occurred along the SS 131 in the province of Oristano in Sardinia.

Accident in the province of Oristano

The accident occurred at kilometer 113, in direction Sassari. According to initial reconstructions, the driver of a car lost control of the vehicle, hitting another car and then overturning and stopping on the edge of the road. A team of firefighters from the detachment immediately intervened at the site of the crash abbasanta.

The dynamics of the accident

The firefighters secured the two vehicles involved and extracted the driver from the passenger compartment of the overturned car. The man was then helped by the 118 health workers. The police were also present and carried out investigations to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident and determine any responsibility.

Collision in the direction of Olbia

Just a few hours earlier another accident had occurred on the roads of Sardinia. Yesterday evening, Saturday 18 May, two cars collided on the State Road 131 Dnc (Nuoro Central Branch). The crash took place at kilometer 87 at the height of siniscola, in the province of Nuoro. According to initial investigations, both cars were traveling in the same direction when, for reasons yet to be ascertained, they collided. Four people they remained wounds, one of whom was transported to hospital by air ambulance.