> > Tragedy in Iowa, USA: there are dead and injured

Tragedy in Iowa, USA: there are dead and injured

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The town of Greenfield, in Iowa (USA), was devastated by a very powerful tornado, which unfortunately left behind dead and injured

The town of Greenfield, Iowa has been hit by a powerful tornado which left a trail of destruction and victims. Local authorities have confirmed that there are several dead and injured, but the final toll is still uncertain.

Tragedy in Iowa, USA: there are dead and injured

The images spread on social media show a scenario apocalyptic: destroyed houses, debris scattered everywhere and damaged wind turbines.

Greenfield, with a population of around 2.000, was devastated as confirmed by police spokesperson Alex Dinkla during a press conference: “The tornado hit much of the city hard. There are numerous victims, but at the moment we do not have official data.” At least a dozen injured were transferred to hospitals in nearby towns, as the local hospital suffered extensive damage.

USA, tornado in Iowa: there are dead and injured

“I've lived here my whole life,” Greenfield resident Valerie Warrior told CBS. “It was scary, I hope everyone is safe.” Iowa governor Kim Reynolds declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, including Adair and Adams, the most affected. This declaration allowed state resources to be released to deal with the disaster.

In the meantime, the fear that nature's fury has not yet subsided remains high, the National Weather Service issued warnings for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms not only in Iowa, but also in other states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Greenfield community and surrounding areas remain on high alert as relief and reconstruction operations continue unabated.