Le immagini più bizzarre del web

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A volte accade che immagini tanto perfette vengono scattate una sola volta nella vita, come fenomeni naturali o momenti di storia. Un utente ha trovato una serie di immagini scattate esattamente nel momento giusto e che non potranno più essere ripetute..

E la maggior parte di loro sono davvero straodinarie…!

1.) That statue should try going cold turkey.

2.) Only losers play with soccer balls.

3.) Ellis Island is electrifying.

4.) You didn't know that whales were swell dancers?

5.) Did someone order a moon?


7.) Oh hai, Mr. Boat.

8.) I don' t know what it is, but that looks horrible.

9.) Oh, you don't fly on time traveling jets?

10.) Fly me to the moon!

11.) It doesn't hurt... yet.

12.) Purrfect love.

13.) Dolphin-bird or bird-dolphin?

14.) Eagle jet pack... activate.

15.) You know, just rearranging the Eiffel Tower.

16.) Sitting in the water or standing on the sand?

17.) NOPE, that's not an eye.

18.) Coming or going?

19.) Gymnasts don't need a head, it just slows them down.

20.) I can just FEEL the pain.

21.) Like a boss.

22.) Oh hai, there.

23.) Up, up and away!

24.) Make up your mind, Mother Nature.

25.) I see what you did there, flamingos.

26.) Everyone likes toy cars.

27.) President AND master of the universe? Who knew?

28.) Disaster in 3... 2... 1...

29.) Ow.

30.) Surface tension taking all of the attention.

31.) Bug bike.

32.) That is the saddest man I've ever seen.

33.) Okay, what country is using the moon as their flag?

34.) Watch your step.

35.) It looks like SOMEONE has a case of the Mondays.


37.) Squirrel selfie!

38.) Subliminal messages, Starbucks?

39.) Now that's how you trumpet.

40.) Jesus, quit playing with the airplanes!

41.) Epic moon pass.

42.) Aquaman looks different than I thought...

43.) But... what??

Forse un paio di queste immagini sono state modificate digitalmente, ma comunque resta il fatto che tutte sembrano così reali!

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