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Switching two cards at Texas Hold’em – “Hand mucking”

Switching two cards at Texas Hold’em – “Hand mucking”

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One hand “Hand mucking” – Switching two cards at Texas Hold’em Scambio con una sola mano – Scambiare due carte a Texas Hold’em

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25 Commenti su Switching two cards at Texas Hold’em – “Hand mucking”

  1. I saw a guy get the teeth kicked out of his head for trying something similar in London a couple of years ago. I cheered. If you tried this in my home game i would put my foot in your fucking throat.

  2. perfetto.

    apparte che spazzi sul tavolo come un pazzo :))) all inizio… sicuramente lo fai per scena e non per necessita’…

    se spazzi sempre, anche quando le mani sono senza carte impalmate, (in questo caso solo la tua destra, con 2 assi gia’ impalmati dalla partenza, che switchano e le 2 carte sul tavolo, che a loro volta si impalmano dove prima c’erano gli assi…) e sono abituati a vederti cosi… tutto ok.

  3. @cisum56music You emphasize smthg wannabes fail to mention. Most of the best moves can’t pass close scrutiny. I can do the pass as well as Scarne, but even he can’t totally mask it.. Subway and No. 2 dealers have the mechanics grip and unmoving thumb giving them away. This guy is good. HIs right hand, palming the cards, is a little stiff, but he could do that at a casino and avoid detection at least once, especially at a poker table where they don’t care if you cheat since they get the rake.

  4. @S0nyP2P
    si, ho capito il concetto, ma no, non butto nulla per terra: le carte scambiate sono impalmate nuovamente dalla mano che ha effettuato lo scambio

  5. Ho capito, avevi i due assi nella mano destra, e quando hai fatto per vedere le carte, hai buttato le due carte per terra e al posto loro hai tenuto i due assi che avevi un mano. (non so se si è capito il concetto)

  6. insane dude well done really i want you to be my teacher if can respond me prive plz no for gambling reason just i like the magic comes from the tricks

  7. Aces palmed in the right hand and the switch is done when the the two cards are picked up. The palmed cards scoop underneeth the cards on the table so they are under the 2 Aces in the palm. Thenwhen they are put down, only the top card (Aces) in the palm are released. Am I correct? You can do this with one card as well.

  8. That’s awesome!!! I always drop the cards onto my lap, but you seem to keep holding it in ur hand? can u tell me how u did that? u’d help me a lot!

  9. I could see some idiot trying this at a real table, and not realizing that another Ace of Spades comes up in the flop…. hahaha

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