“Obito Memes” joins “Couple Memes”

"Obito Memes " joins "Couple Memes" to welcome and embrace new users and diversify information

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To gather a new and wider audience, “Obito Memes ” joins “Couple Memes”

“Obito Memes”: the name changes to “Couple Memes”

Born with the aim of finding the truth and make it accessible to everyone, “Obito Memes “, the Facebook page of the independent newspaper Notizie.it, changes its name and joins “Couple Memes”.

The basic principle is the same, but the goal of drawing attention to a new and wider audience, with new and different needs, imposes on the page a change in the name.

“Obito Memes ” is part of the Contents Media group, a digital and international publisher, which has numerous sites and pages, with the aim of providing real-time information about what is happening in Italy and in the world at large.

About Contents Media “Obito Memes “

Contents Media owns a total of 18 international properties, including the popular sites News.co.uk and Newz.com. In terms of content it covers a wide range of news from politics, news, technology and innovation, health and wellness, to fashion and lifestyle.

The entry into the U.S. market with Newz.com represents a further important step in the evolution of Contents Media, especially after the great success in Italy with Notizie.it (over 150 million page views per month and one million readers per day) and the expansion in Europe with Infos.fr (France), Actualidad.es (Spain) and Newshub.co.uk (UK).

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