Quali sono canzoni Scrubs stagione 1

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Le canzoni usate nella prima stagione della serie sono le seguenti:

Season One

Episode 1.01 – “My First Day”
Scene: J.D. gets ready for his first day.
“Away” by Leroy. Album: ‘Leroy’

Scene: Elliot races J.D. up the stairs and through the hospital hallway.

“I Want You To Want Me” by Cheap Trick. Album: ‘At Budokan: Complete Concert’ (Album-specific version.)

Scene: Turk assists J.D. in draining Mrs. Pratt’s stomach fluid.
“Over Me” by Tricky. Album: ‘Blowback’

“Please Forgive Me” by David Gray. Album: ‘White Ladder’

Episode 1.02 – “My Mentor”
“Good Time” by Leroy. Album: ‘Leroy’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack

Episode 1.03 – “My Best Friend’s Mistake”
“A Little Respect” by Erasure.

Album: ‘Innocents’, et al.

Episode 1.04 – “My Old Lady”
“Dracula From Houston” by the Butthole Surfers. Album: ‘Weird Revolution’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack

“Hallelujah” performed by John Cale. Album: ‘Fragments of a Rainy Season’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack

Episode 1.05 – “My Two Dads”
— —

Episode 1.06 – “My Bad”
Scene: Dr. Cox reminisces about his marriage to Jordan.
“Good Life” by Francis Dunnery. Album: ‘Fearless’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack

Episode 1.07 – “My Super Ego”
Scene: Todd’s indiscretion causes concern in the OR that Turk may have nicked the patient’s colon (background music).

“Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest. Album: ‘Midnight Marauders’

Scene: The staff work as a “well oiled machine”, relaying the urine sample.
“Camera One” by Josh Joplin (MP3 available). Album: ‘Useful Music’

Episode 1.08 – “My 15 Minutes”
Scene: The posters go up… and later come down.
“Going Out With A Bang” by G-Sleep. Album: None – catalog track (supposedly also in A Cinderella Story)

Scene: Carla and her friend accidentally run in to Elliot at the bar (background music).
“See Ya Around” by Keren DeBerg. Album: ‘Gone’ & Limited-Edition EP [More Info]

Scene: J.D. is driving Turk to see the hospital’s new billboard.
“Wonderful” by Everclear. Album: ‘Songs From an American Movie — Vol. One: Learning How to Smile’

Scene: Turk treats Carla’s friend’s son (background music).
“The Magician” by Bobby McCall & Dontrell Mayfield. Album: None – catalog track (Same as in 1.09 “My Day Off”)

Episode 1.09 – “My Day Off”
Scene: J.D. enters the bar.
“Hooch” by Everything. Album: ‘Super Natural’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack
(Replaced in the DVD version and is currently unknown.)

Scene: Elliot attempts, and fails, to be comforting to her patients.
“Fuzzy” by Incredible Moses Leroy. Album: ‘Electric Pocket Radio’

Scene: J.D. watches over Turk’s shoulder as he performs his appendectomy.
“The Magician” by Bobby McCall & Dontrell Mayfield. Album: None – catalog track (Same as in 1.08 “My 15 Minutes”)

Episode 1.10 – “My Nickname”
“On Fire” by Sebadoh. Album: ‘Harmacy’

Episode 1.11 – “My Own Personal Jesus”
“Moving in Stereo” by The Cars. Album: ‘The Cars’

“Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets. Album: various

Scene: Turk spends Christmas Eve on call.

“Sinnerman” performed by Nina Simone. Album: ‘The Best of Nina Simone’, et al.

Episode 1.12 – “My Blind Date”
“Easy Tonight” by Five For Fighting. Album: ‘America Town’

Episode 1.13 – “My Balancing Act”
“New Slang” by the Shins. Album: ‘Oh, Inverted World’ & ‘Music from Scrubs’ Official Soundtrack

Amo leggere, il tè e Parigi è la mia casa da sempre e per sempre.

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Simona Bernini

Amo leggere, il tè e Parigi è la mia casa da sempre e per sempre.

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