Quali sono canzoni Scrubs stagione 4


Quali sono canzoni Scrubs stagione 4

Ecco le canzoni della quarta stagione della serie:

Episode 4.01 – “My Old Friend’s New Friend”
“Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang. Album: various

“Anything For Love” originally by Meatloaf. Album: various

Music cue from original Scrubs score by Jan Stevens.
Sung by Zach Braff.

“All By Myself” by Eric Carmen. Album: ‘Eric Carmen’

Episode 4.02 – “My Office”
— —

Episode 4.03 – “My New Game”
“Lost Cause” by Beck. Album: ‘Sea Change’

Episode 4.04 – “My First Kill”
“Blue Eyes” by Cary Brothers. Album: ‘All the Rage’ EP & ‘Garden State’ Official Soundtrack

Episode 4.05 – “Her Story”
“Funky For You” by Common. Album: ‘Like Water For Chocolate’

“Still DRE” performed by Sarah Chalke and Heather Graham.
Originally by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg. Album: ‘2001’

Episode 4.06 – “My Cake”
“Stop Joking Around” by Hawksley Workman. Album: ‘For Him and the Girls’

Episode 4.07 – “My Common Enemy”
“Andy Griffith Theme”. Album: ‘Andy Griffith Show’ Soundtrack

“Thank You” by Dido.

Album: ‘No Angel’

“Move On” by Jet. Album: ‘Get Born’

Episode 4.08 – “My Last Chance”
“In The Mood” by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Album: various

“Can’t Hold On” by Tart. Album: ??

“Something” by Cary Brothers. Album: ‘All the Rage’ EP

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