Testo di Monstarr COMMENTA  

Testo di Monstarr COMMENTA  

Artista: Bis

I Bis sono un gruppo musicale indie pop originario di Glasgow (Scozia) e attivo dal 1994. La band si è sciolta nel 2003 per poi ricostituirsi ufficialmente nel 2009.

Album: The New Transistor Heroes


Can i not be normal cuz i’m not a size 10.

Play music, be in films or even show my face.
Should i be embarrassed if it’s such a crime.
Funny how your life depends upon your waistline.

Should i kill myself? you’re my execution.
Why’s being slim important, no one is a monster.
Don’t steal their confidence, it’s not yours to take.

I don’t want to be a model, at least i’m not fake.

Funny how your life depends upon your waistline.

I am gonna make it, i’m not gonna fake it
Not for the sake of it, yes i’m gonna take it.

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